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eScootersDirect are proud to offer electric scooters from two of the worlds top brands JD Bug & CityBug. All our e-scooters have plenty of juice to get you where you’re going, from eco-friendly city scooters to neighbourhood cruisers, our electric powered scooters are the perfect way to put some zip in your ride.

The concept of adding a motor to a traditional push scooter is an idea that has been around for a couple of years now, with varying designs and specifications.

The all new CityBug Electric Scooter is the ultimate urban innovation and can be quickly and conveniently folded for storage at home or on public transport. The CityBug range are highly efficient electric scooters are stylish and a handy alternative for short-distance trips. Environment-friendly and easy to drive, and also great fun to use. What are you waiting for?

Since 2015, the CityBug 2 has been a familiar sight in cities all round the world. Its innovative design has already earned the renowned Red Dot Design Award! The CityBug 2 is driven by a 36 V/250 W rear-wheel hub motor, ensuring a highly stable ride, while a 36 V/200 Wh battery enables travel distances from 15 to 20 kilometres – ideal for exploring your city, getting to work or just visiting friends!

More power – more fun to drive! The CityBug 2S has been designed for people with an athletic bent who like to flit about without hassle. With his new powerful 48 V/350 W rear-wheel hub motor the electric scooter will lead you also on hilly roads. Different from Citybug2 the S-version accelerates easily after the kick-start with a thumb throttle used by your right hand. To slow down just release the throttle and apply the supplementary E.A.B. (Electric Assist brake System) o n the front wheel of the scooter. To stop the scooter completely, just press the fender brake. The CityBug 2S can also be folded very small whenever you want to carry it or stow it away somewhere – pure, uncompromising compactness with an outstanding design!

JD Bug have been producing high quality scooters such as the Original Street scooter and the JD Bug Classic Scooters for many years. The JD Bug eScooters, have been manufactured by CityBug - a leading manufacturer of electric scooters.

The JD Bug eScooter Fun series are a great way to commute to work, or to use along-side public transport as it quickly and conveniently folds down for easy storage.

Riding the JD Bug eScooter Sport series couldn’t be easier, simply step on, push off and engage the thumb throttle to take you anywhere you want to go!